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Sun Protection Tips - Oils

  1. 20 minutes is all you need!
    The best way for you to achieve that killer tan without turning bright red is to allow the oil some time to seep in. Give it 20 minutes and you’ll be good to go!
  2. Avoid the stress, don’t make a mess!
    Throw down a towel before you begin applying to stop it getting on things it shouldn’t.
  3. Evenness is key
    If you want an even tan, apply an even spread. Pour a small amount of oil into one palm and gently rub it into the other before using both hands to apply it to your body. Make sure all areas that are going to be touched by the sun have been oiled and don’t forget your back!
  4. Face-off
    If you know your skin doesn’t break out easily and you don’t mind oiling up your face, then by all means go ahead making sure you always avoid your eyes. But for those of us without flawless skin, applying sunscreen to your face instead of an oil is highly recommended.
  5. The golden rule
    We all know how easily time flies by when you’re lying down at a beach, surrounded by a gorgeous coconut aroma and getting an all round spectacular tan… but don’t let it fly too fast! Re-apply some oil every 1-2 hours or after swimming to ensure you have protection from those UV rays, while getting a golden glow in the mean time.

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