Advice and Tips


  1. Application mitt - a hands best friend
    Use the Le Tan® Application Mitt to ensure your hands stay protected whilst providing you with a perfectly even tan. Once finished, use a make-up pad or an old make-up brush to apply a light tan to the back of your hands.

  2. Newbie? Lighten up
    If using a lotion and you’re worried you’re going to come out too dark, go ahead and throw some moisturiser into the mix. This blend will ensure your tan remains even whilst lightening the shade.

  3. From the bottom to the top
    Moving in circular motions, start at your feet and move upwards from there. There’s no point tanning your upper half only to have it rub and crease as you bend down to reach the lower areas

  4. Never fear- blend it
    Once you’ve finished applying, you may notice some darker areas. Simply buff away at these darker zones until the colours begin to blend. Still worried? Don’t stress, after a luke warm shower and a light towel dry, you’ll have the perfect, even tan.

  5. Stay loose
    After application, wait a few minutes and throw on some dark, loose fitting clothes until tan has been thoroughly absorbed into skin. After that, wash off the excess tan and emerge in your tanned glory.

  6. Keep dry
    Be sure to avoid contact with all water (including sweat if you can help it) until your tan is thoroughly dry. Keeping your showers luke warm will assist with a long-lasting tan.

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